A paper cut fairy in a blue dress holding a 'I lost my first tooth' badge
Three fairies with different colour dresses, skin colour and hair colour. Each holding matching badges.
Six different fairies with matching badges. The badge design has a tooth with wings and a crown and the words 'I lost my first tooth'.
Tooth fairies in pretty dresses with blue wings and glasses.
A ginger haired tooth fairy with green glasses and a green dress. She is holding a I lost my first tooth badge which also has a cute tooth with wings and a crown.
A hand cut tooth fairy with brown hair and dark jade glasses. She is wearing a jade dress with sparkles and has pale blue wings. She is holding a I lost my first tooth badge..
A brown hair tooth fairy wearing a jade dress. She is holding a badge that features a tooth with wings, wearing a crown.
A blonde tooth fairy with purple glasses and a purple dress.
A tooth fairy wearing a yellow dress and black glasses. She is holding a yellow 'I lost my first tooth' badge which features a tooth with wings.
An 'I lost my first tooth badge'. It features a cute tooth with wings. The tooth is wearing a crown.

Cute Tooth Fairy with I've Lost my First Tooth Badge

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These beautiful tooth fairies are hand cut and just perfect to give to a child after they have lost their first tooth. The fairies are wearing colourful dresses and have matching glasses and badges. Their wings, dress and hair are covering in tiny stars. There are six different badges to choose from.

Each tooth fairy is holding a small 25mm badge. This badge features a tooth with wings wearing a crown. The tooth also has a cute smiley face. The badge has the words 'I lost my first tooth' around the top.

The backing card is FSC certified making the packaging environmentally friendly too.

The badge design and packaging started as hand-drawn illustrations, which I then finished digitally.

The badge measures approximately 25mm in diameter and fastens with a traditional pin.

It was designed, manufactured, and packaged by hand in my studio in Wrexham, UK.

Please note: actual print colours may vary due to different screen resolutions and colour depths.